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The film  “Once in Your Lifetime” is based on the theory that every fly fisher should come to Scotland at least once in their lifetime to fly fish the remote hill lochs and world famous rivers of Scotland.

With breath taking cinematography and expressive views from the fly fishers the film will show real life fly fishing in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The film will break away from the traditional fly fishing form, telling the true story, facts and fictions of four fly fishers whom have never fly fished in Scotland before producing a film that portrays their passion, devotion and love for the sport with no illusions left out.

Once In Your Lifetime - Trailer from Fly Fish Dreamer Ltd on Vimeo.

Once In Your Lifetime Available now on VOD.

Guided Fly Fishing in Scotland.

"Fly fishing" Some say the best sport in the world.

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