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The end of another year

The end of another year but as we say goodbye to 2014 opportunities arise for Fly Fish Dreamer Ltd in the Year 2015.

This year Fly Fish Dreamer Ltd will be opening up its first online shop making it easier to buy high quality items to make your fly fishing that little bit easier.

We will also be offering our very own Fly Fish Dreamer branded fly fishing clothing and accessories.

Fishing reports for last year where awesome on the Trout and Salt water side of thing but the River Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon was rather testing.

Our catch rate for Wild Brown trout last year was 100% catch rate for every day out with Clients. Salt Water was 100% catch rate as was the Pike and Perch. Atlantic Salmon proved to be a much harder species to catch but we did catch some and our rod total for the season was 12.

This year proves to be a better season although we are convinced that the Atlantic Salmon ran late as today and all last week we have been watching Salmon in large numbers in their Spawning Grounds. The Salmon have still not spawned yet so we are hoping that they will start this week as we are now having a lot of frost on the ground.


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